Tuesday, July 18, 2006

the fine art of procrastination

Today I tried to study for my oncology nursing certification exam...and well, wasn't exactly as diligent as I had hoped. There were a few (minor) distractions, like...oh...how about a kitty cat named Layla who decides that my study chair is her lounging spot?
Notice in the above pic how thoroughl prepared I was to study, I had assembled the proper ingredients including the following:
  • Comfy Seat
  • Coffee (with just a dash of creamer)
  • Notebook
  • Hi-liter
  • Study Materials
  • Proper music: Bach Concertos (well you can't *see* that, but let's just say I was creating the proper environment)
So it is quite evident that I had thought the process through, and was decidedly prepared to venture into the exciting world of test preparation. I snapped a quick picture, afterall, she's a bit of a princess kitty with all her fluffiness and jet black fur. I told her how lovely she was while shooing her off, and quickly got down to business.

Two chapters and one post test letter, with all that coffee in me I simply had to visit the toilet. In my momentary absence, where does Layla plop her royal arse next? Yup, you guessed it...she directly covered the study materials at hand...and just after the photo was taken, the hi-liter was batted to the floor. Naughty Layla.

My next distraction was my dear supportive husband who suggests that Drea, with whom we'd made lunch plans with, come over a little early. And then I, being the wanna-be cook when I actually have free time, (or maybe in this case, the delusion of free time) decide to recreate the yummy coconut shrimp Amy & Kevin made for us a few weekends ago. This means a trip to Safeway and about 1/2 hr of fun in our tiny but thoroughly chic and modern kitchen.

Drea has recently returned from spending about 2 years in Barcelona, Espana. I missed her terribly while she was gone and now that she is back our goofy exploits, kitchen adventures, and music fests shall continue. This is a picture of us during a momentary frenzy of pure jellybean addiction.

It's always a gift to have a friend who can truly distract you from your studies, don't you think? As college roomies for a few years, we've had quite a bit of practice on that. When I would make Andrew go away when I was studying, who would he go bug next? Yep, you guessed it.

Oh, and to truly finesse the many arts of distraction, have you all considered (and I think the guilty parties *know* exactly who they are!) blogging in and of itself? I think many of those reading this could admit to a bit of guilt on that one!


Oso cariñoso said...

Am I really such a distraction? I truly do apologize for that. If only I were a quiet little mouse that you could easily ignore... or maybe not. I'd probably skitter around and scare the hell out of you and then you'd come and hit and kill me with a broomstick. He he.

raecatherine said...

drea i could never kill a cute little mousey such as you! you'd be like...the mouse with an innante sense of style and a micron-sized ipod. awww...now who could possibly squash that kind of mouse?

Jen said...

Ha ha! I'm reading your blog as an act of procrastination...too much unpacking to do and too much homework. Good luck with the procrastinating. :)