Monday, July 17, 2006

Yesterday Andrew and I were planning
on taking a short day hike, but he felt a bit funky and I felt a bit lazy so this meant our compromise was a trip to St. Edward's State Park in Kenmore . We toodled along an easy but pretty forested trail, with Sophie of course. Andrew was being very diligent about practicing some basic commands with Sophie as we recently learned from her training at Cascade K-9...The mantra goes something like this: Command, Correct, Release, sounds much easier than it actually is! And of course, I may be a bit guilty of babying Sophie...but just look at her, could you resist? (for long?)

I stopped on the trail just once for about 2min and 30-some seconds to talk to my mom on the cell... During this extensive span of time received 2 large mosquito bites; one on my knee, the other on my elbow. Stinking mosquitos. My only solace is that I got to kill the one on my knee. I am quite decidedly a 5-star groumet meal, as has been the case my entire life...RAE IS ON THE MENU TONITE, TOMORROW..and for however long she is in the vicinity! Andrew was a bit amused, as he had told me as he handed over the phone that the skeeters were eagerly gathering, but in my hurry to take the call I didn't hear a word he said.

Andrew gets in too..
After some pouting on my part, we eventually wandered down to the 'beach' area and found a secluded little spot to try and introduce Sophie to the water. Andrew had some tethered swimming attempts, and then when he realized he'd thrown the stick a bit too far to allow her to retrieve it; he got in himself. Yep, he got in the water--still clad in his Nike socks and tired old tennis shoes. =)

And much to our amazement and delight, little Sophie (ok, so for most people she is NOT little but compared to her expected adult size of 55lbs, she is a slender 38 lbs-so little to us!) at a mere 5 & 1/2 a month old swam and fetched, and swam and fetched, and fetched some more! So we laughed with delight, we all got really wet and muddy from all her shaking off...(I think Andrew won the prize for muddiest, Sophie second, me third). After a while Sophie looked less like a fluffy dog and more like a black otter with floppy ears.

Sophie on her first stick-retrieving mission
Greeted by Andrew and his wet shorts, nearly wet wallet, and wet shoes

Little wet dog, big chunk o' wood.
Beware of the ever-dripping Airedale terrier beard...We suspect it's a handy alternative to a camel in the desert, judging by the amount that gets spilled outside her water the below picture so well demonstrates.

Perhaps this is an appropriate place to generate some support for Andrew finally giving into my pleading to get him to shop for new tennis shoes, ahem? I've been bothering him for a bit, and I think his dunking them in Lake Washington for the sake of being a supportive alpha dad calls for new shoes, don't you agree? They have been drying on our deck ever since, and this is what they look like, tattered heels and all..


Jen said...

Fun times! Schatzi has the same problem with the wet doggy beard. Good luck with the shoes for Andrew...Joe & I have been married for almost 3 years and I've been trying to get rid of some dying clothes for just as long...without success.

Yea! Rae has a blog. :)

Darin Gemmer said...

Thanks for sharing! I'm amazed of that first picture: your dog looks like a stuffed animal, so perfect! Darin and I used to love St. Edwards when we lived in Shoreline. He loved the mountain bike trails, and I was blown away by the kid play area: the best I've ever seen.
(Since you don't allow non-blogger comments I've logged in with Darin's account. But this is really Deanna talking.)

raecatherine said...

sorry deanna, i'll have to fix whatever that non-blogger comment feature is... if i can find it. i'm still trying to figure out how to add titles to my posts!

on the clothes front i met with some mild success today--i ordered some quick-dry shorts for him from land's end which he liked AND fit...and the best part was not dragging him to the store (again) to talk him into trying things on.

Julie B said...

You guys are lucky, my husband loves shopping. I miss out on shopping for my kids clothes sometimes if I don't go out first. Of course, he won't buy it unless it's on sale or on the clearance rack. Oh, and if it;s for him it needs to be LOUD. But we still love the, huh?

Cute pics Rae. I've recently entered the world of blogging too, on my brother's blog.

Keep posting, it's fun to read. AND STUDY! Julie