Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dorkus Malorkus at the photo booth

Would you believe that I have had the same pair of glasses since I was 19? I have very high expectations of glasses since they share limited real estate on my ears with my hearing aids. I am terrible to shop with for items I will use/wear frequently, I will literally take a year (or in this case, several) to find that one item that meets my expectations...In the meantime I will do with the same ol' thing. Oddly enough, the glasses I chose were strangely similiar to Andrew's, and even from the same designer...

When I put my new glasses on for the first time at home, I whined and whined until Andrew joined me at the IMac photobooth..and oh dear, look what happens.

A glasses-free moment with Sophie-loo

Look, Andrew has dimples!
Thoroughly dorkus malorkus or trendy and chic? hmmm....

1 comment:

Jen said...

Um, you know what they say...when you've been with someone for awhile, you start to look like them.

I'm voting "thumbs up" for the glasses...I like your new look. :)