Friday, August 18, 2006

My auntie's Wear-able Art

(Auntie V on the left, me on the right)
My Aunt Victoria is a talented craftswoman. She bought a falling-down turn-of-the-century home in Snohomish and lovingly refinished it over many years in impeccable Victorian-era style...she knits wonderfully unique garments, crafted my Mom a Santa-doll last Christmas, complete with a darling handpainted face and little bag of toys...she can do hair, craft intricate lampshades, pillows, make-up...need I say more?

(Drea does a little dance while I look on...)
So it is no surprise that her newest endeavour has been these amazing hats, bedecked with
baubles found at antique markets that she scours across the Puget Sound area. Her wearable art will be featured at a "Girl's Nite Out" wearable art show in Everett this October. I'm lucky to have been asked to help model her lovely hats, and my dear friend Drea has also volunteered for the job.


Darin Gemmer said...

Those hats are so adorable! I've always wished we lived somewhere (not Washington) where hats were a cool accessory.

Oso cariñoso said...

Work it, supermodel! As requested, I will be your co-supermodel at the hat show. And I FINALLY updated the blog. Happy now? He he he.

raecatherine said...

i can't wait to see the other hats she's been working on, and once I have pictures MORE will be posted!

raecatherine said...

Yeah, sometimes I wish I lived in the Victorian era just to have worn those amazing clothes, hairdoes, hats...and then I remember that was also the era of corsets, lack of electricity, and whole bunch of other unsavory stuff =) Maybe we can all bond togeether and start a hat trend? I know Drea already has quite a collection.