Sunday, August 13, 2006

A trip to Kalaloch Beach mostly in pictures

I'm woefully behind on this whole blogging thing...and to make up for the last 2 posts sadly lacking in pictures, I'd like to share some Kalaloch Beach pictures with you! We went on this trip July 22nd-24th. Andrew, Sophie, and I joined Drea's family on a 1 nite car camp at the lovely Kalaloch Campground on the Washington state coast. The following day we drove north to northeast up highway 101 through the town of Forks, Port Angeles, and finally past Sequim. Andrew and I then spent the 2nd nite at Discovery Bay Campground. We joined Drea's family and some of her extended family at their timeshare outside of Sequim for lots of eating, squidding off the dock, and old-time Nintendo video games courtesy of her brother, Alden.

Sophie sniffs the sea air Aberdeen and gets an ear-lift.

Lovely Kalaloch Beach No. 5 (creative naming, huh?)

The ever stylish Drea in her bug glasses!

Wet Sophie on a "down" warming up on a sunny rock.

Rowena (Drea's mom) fishing for perch.

Andrew fishes for the 1st time and overcasts his line up to the top of this rock. =)

Still looking....
Found the rest of the line and a new spot to fish!
Untangling the line a bit...

Trying to get a pic of Sophie and me, and she decides it's time for doggie kisses.

Drea and Alden warming up by the fire, Andrew in the lower right corner tending the fire.
Slightly psychedelic campfire surrounded by pyromaniac-tendency males...Alden on the left, Andrew in the background.

Stay tuned for pics of day 2, which will include more fishing, squidding, and ocean vistas.


Jen said...

Sophie is so big! Loved the pictures. I, too, am woefully behind on the pictures. :)

raecatherine said...

Sophie is huge! But she's still slender, very muscular from almost daily swimming...and sweet & spunky as ever!