Wednesday, August 30, 2006

What the heck happened?

Okay, I have been completely mystified because for about a week I had not a clue how to make a post. I know blogger is switching to beta, and I tried the usual route of getting to the posting area with absolutely no success...just a weird text screen, and some stuff about a guy who worked for blogger forever...I even had Andrew look at it to no avail...It was truly one of those "Toto, we are not in Kansas anymore" moments with a Ground Hog day twist because this happened repeatedly for about the week or so.

But just now I log in, and everything is back to normal? whoaa....

(slightly less blabbering will now follow my above brilliant statements)

Today I took care of a lady who had (through surgery and chemotherapy) eradicated her cancer. She was so excited, and I was also excited to have to opportunity to take care of someone whose story had a happier ending than most.

Why did she have surgery you may ask--to remove some of the implants and bowel alterations that made all her treatment possible. Yet even in this moment of grace for her, she had a few signs of one possible scary surgical complication today that reduced her to tears once those signs became apparent.

She had a very attentive, sweet husband at the bedside who helped to calm her and listen to her fears. He took careful notes throughout the day of her medications, walks, talks with doctors, and nurses. Some might interpret the note-taking as being far too anal, but I suspect the note-taking just underscores how this man's love and undivided attention to his wife helped a great deal in her complete recovery; as did her own quiet strength.

And in case you're wondering, her possible complication--a deep venous thrombosis or DVT as it is commonly referred to-- was investigated with a simple ultrasound exam, and she was
again given a clean bill of health.

Ah, it wouldn't it be nice if those happy endings were more frequent?

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Jen said...

Thanks for sharing this great story...these happy endings don't happen often enough.