Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall get-away

Just guess what sound woke me up this morning. No, it wasn't dog or cat-related (surprise, suprise) but a BLOWTORCH...of all things. Our unit sits directly above another condo unit, beneath which runs a natural underground aquifer which needs storm-drain replacement...we knew about this shortly after we made the condo purchase, and knew there was some ditch-digging, etc. going on...but blowtorching around the building's foundation? At 0730am? Some things I will never understand.
Andrew is working away diligently on his clickback, and I am cleaning up things and packing a little for a trip to Leavenworth for the next couple of days. My parents bought a vacation home there (how exciting!-you can see it on the left here) and this is our first trip over to see it, enjoy the last bit of summer-into-fall weather, and hiking before the autumn snowfall. I have a feeling my snow-crazy husband will be dragging me into a few more snowy episodes this winter...I enjoy the snowshoeing we did last winter but I am a bit too much of a glutton for comfort to enjoy overnight winter hiking.
After a hectic set of 12 hour shifts as charge nurse, and a code 199 on the latest one =( this is a much anticipated break! Stay tuned for an update in a couple of days...


Jen said...

Leavenworth,huh? That's a little closer to IF than Seattle is. :)
PS.What's a code 199?

raecatherine said...

Oops, "code 199" is the UWMC lingo for a cardiac/respiratory arrest... Yup, Leavenworth is closer! We're excited to try and use the little house as much as possible, and invite friends when my parents are away.