Wednesday, September 20, 2006

No longer a puppy

I realized something yesterday while on an afternoon walk with Sophie...she's gowing up! She is big enough and calm enough (sometimes) to even hint that she isn't a puppy! There's been a few clues leading up to this observation...She no longer picks up every random thing on the groud to chew, just every other random thing =)...She stays near me and Andrew when she's off leash, and seems to know who "her" people are. Not only is she a muscular, whopping 50lbs, but she is also a tireless swimmer and a near fanatical ball-n-stick retriever. She can still nap like dead dog for hours after exercising, but not before chasing Layla the kitty around for a friendly hello. She's more consistent with all her commands--Sit, Down, Wait, Climb, Stand...thanks to Andrew's consistent drills and the great training she received at Cascade K-9.

There have been quite a few "dark and doubtful moments" in our adventures in our dog ownership. For example, when we brought her home with her eye scratched by a kitty at the breeder's (she yipped, and then looked fine) the following morning her eye was clouded over and we had to bring her to the vet. We found out there was a chance she might lose her eye AND she would need medication and the infamous CONE for several weeks...we then suffered through an energetic conehead puppy for about a month while anxiously awaiting the healing of her eye. Then I got ambitious and started her on a biologically-appropriate raw-food diet (or BARF as it is commonly referred to) after some research and there were nights of runny poo..

Although we were warned about runny poo thoroughly beforehand, it definitely didn't make that ownership transition any easier for us, despite knowing how good the proper diet would be for Sophie. Keep in mind, this puppy had a CONE on her head, was not yet quite coordinated to make it up the steep stairs to our front door (this meant caryying her at least part of the ways was mandatory), AND she nearly weighted 24 lbs. Add to that getting up from a deep, tired puppy-owner sleep and you might have some idea how much we questioned what the h%*$ we were thinking when we brought this hairy little bundle of slobbery kisses home to meet a none-too-overjoyed spoiled cat.
Layla and Sophie chilling out on a conehead day. Sophie is about 16 weeks old here.

Lately though... she's been more of an amusing, great buddy than a worry. We of course still managed to enjoy her as a puppy, there was just a lot to get used to and change about our daily routine. Since the time that we've had Sophie, we've made some new good friends who also have a super airedale named Kimi, settled into a smoother daily routine (ok, maybe we weren't so much as settled into but were logically forced into =) and have added a new dimension to our outdoor outings: stick-throwing, squirrel-hunting, and generally just getting quite dirty.

So has Sophie completely evolved into man's (or woman's) most ideal, bestest loyal 4-legged friend? Not quite, but we are breathing a sigh of puppy-stress relief and I'm beginning to appreciate a bit more where the enjoyment comes from having your very own slobbery 4-legged terrier.

Here's a few pics from our latest Kalaloch Beach trip.
Love to fetch that stick!
Hmm...aren't there some birds to chase or sticks to fetch around here?
Okay, Andrew's had his's my turn to play now!

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Jen said...

Congrats on the coming of age! :) I'm a little jealous that Schatzi isn't grown up yet, but I can definitely see progress.