Wednesday, November 08, 2006

a little spot o'sun

I've been feeling as if I'm on the verge of developing a cold these past few days so I have been laying quite low, for me this means prioritizing the acts of napping and drinking honeyed chamomile tea. So far this approach seems to be working, my throat is just a wee bit sore, but no cough or headache yet. Andrew graciously helps induce the napping by building fires in our previously unused fireplace. I had my highly-encouraged (but non-mandatory) flu shot at the hospital about 2 1/2 weeks ago so I should be well on my way to immunity by now.

Of course I can't *just* snooze and drink tea, so I took advantage the brief non-rainy morning to walk with Sophie in the dog-park. We actually met another Airedale there, which is pretty rare considering how much we frequent the Sandpoint-Magnuson off-leash dog park. The Airedale we met, Edie, was all shaggy and curly-haired, unlike Sophie who we last groomed a few months ago. Edie was also a bit smaller than Sophie despite being 3 months older. Even though we plan to let Sophie's hair get longer and shaggier for some winter snowhoeing and other snowy adventures, I can't imagine allowing her to be as overgrown as this pooch! It was hard for me to tell there was actually a dog beneath all of that crazy hair. I tried to find a picture to show how shaggy this dog was, and the one below hardly comes close...but I think this dog below is the shaggiest Sophie can reasonably be without being mistaken for a USO (unidentified shaggy object).
Apparently it wasn't difficult for Sophie to recognize the USO, who bounced right up and introduced herself to Edie in the typical canine fashion. I swear some dogs seem to gravitate towards the same breed, and Sophie often will beeline for an Airedlae if there is one in sight. She also has a Great Dane buddy at the park, so she also is pretty exuberant with all Great Danes that cross her path as well.

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