Friday, November 03, 2006

Rain, rain, rain...

A friend of mine who had been on a week-long vacation with her family recently emailed me once she returned from her trip with the subject titled: "Back to the Gloom"...and something about the past few endlessly rainy days has made me think how accurately that term describes this time of year! At least today there was a bit of a relief from the rain, albeit it was still pretty grey and blah. Andrew and I took Sophie on a walk to do our banking and stop by a nifty little small-business winery called La Cantina in Sandpoint Village to purchase some nice, low-alcohol content reds to have with dinners.

As part of a byproduct of our cooped-up rainy days we have a new inhabitant in our household which Andrew has dubbed "James". Now "James" is an inanimate collection of objects which Andrew hits on the head from time to time with his kendo sword, just for practice and relief from computer monotony. For now I'll just leave it to your creative imagination to guess at what the collection of objects is. I tried to paste in a picture of kendo equipment; but my patience and blogger powers are at a bit of a low. If you want to know more about what this kendo thing is, try clicking here.

James is about my height, and is topped off with a kendo helmet. I haven't managed to snap any photos yet; but once I do they *will* be posted here; because "James" does look pretty funny. I think if I had to sit at a computer all day for my work like Andrew does, I would also need something on which to vent my frustration. Nurses generally just do a lot of whining on bad days, myself included: hitting things is obviously contraindicated to my job security, not to mention many other reasons...therefore I think taking up Andrew's habit might be contraindicated for me!
Now isn't this just about the cutest thing in the world? This is what Andrew will be looking at on Sunday. Sophie's breeder has abother litter of darling little airedales, and some friends of ours are going to pick out a puppy to bring home in December. Wanna see what I'll be looking at on Sunday? Ok, I thought so. =) You're right, you don't....and I mean *really* don't...want to know. Cause I'll be at WORK while Andrew gets to go play with cute little PUPPIES.


Anonymous said...


Your blog ROCKS! I love it and wish that all bloggers had your focus and attention to detail; additionally, your blog is very sweet.
daddie don

Jen said...

Ooh...I'm jealous. Schatzi is getting trained enough (is it ever enough? That's what Joe always asks me) that I'm thinking this summer it would be nice to get another dog. We'll see how that plays out, I guess.

Hey, thanks for my great Halloween card!

raecatherine said...

I always thought it would be neat to train seeing-eye dogs; but also a heartbreaker because then you'd have to send them off after a year or so. A second dog should be easier, right? =)

Thanks Dad for the shout-out!