Friday, November 17, 2006

Ready, set...snow!

For most of my life, I have considered myself a 'summer person' who revels in the warmth and barefoot adventures of summer. My idea of wintertime snow fun used to be a brief sledding run or maybe cross country skiing on a groomed trail with some hot cocoa or a warm meal waiting at the end. My husband, Andrew, is quite the opposite...he is a snow-o-phile who is like a gleeful child when the snow begins to fall...He happily hikes through snow for hours in wintertime, even without a GPS, and gets hopelessly lost. (Obviously he eventually finds his way back, safe & sound...hmmm I think I know what might be a useful gadgety gift now. =)

So while for now I've drawn the line at hiking overnight in snow, we've found a happy medium that we both enoy: snowshoeing! It is simple--not too much equipment is required. It's a great workout, and nothing quite rivals the beauty of snow falling silently as you make your new path through the great white. Last winter as our 'honeymoon' we spent a few days in Leavenworth and spent most of them hiking on old forest service roads connecting to the Pacific Crest Trail. Ok, so maybe we never actually made it the entire 6 miles or so to the PCT =) but we did enjoy the trail and had some fun playing in the snow.
(above pic is Mt. Rainier last March 2005)
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While these past few days we've been despondently watching the rain pitter-patter...(well probably a more accurate verb would be POUR) down we've been eagerly anticipating the eventual outcome of all of this in the passes: MASSIVE ACCUMULATION OF SNOW.

Last Saturday we had ourselves a little shopping spree...Andrew got a pair of snowshoes last year in preparation for his crazy overnight hiking in the snow gig, and this year it was my turn. (for snowshoes, not crazy overnight hiking in snow) He suggested the "SnowPaws" for me that you see above but in the end I settled for something a little more sensible. I also got my first real gore-tex mittens...expensive but oh-so-warm & toasty!

We even looked at dog booties, which is probably a little overboard. Now how long do you think those things might actually stay on? Especially once the dog realizes those odd guffawing noises are its owners uncontrollably laughing at the oddity of their dog wearing booties? We got a good tip from a sensible salesperson: paw wax for those webbed doggie feet to prevent icy bits of snow from clumping inbetween Sophie's toes. We're eagerly awaiting Sophie's snow debut and the endless amount of amusement this is sure to provide.
I discovered both me & my snowshoes look much cooler with a thermal glow effect...
hey, glow in the dark snowshoes! Now there's an idea.

The day after the massive Thanksgiving food fest we are planning to enjoy with tiny Drea and her tiny relatives with enormous Phillipino appetites, you'll find us trudging thru the snow in Leavenworth...hopefully with Sophie happily bouncing along.


Jen said...

Rae...This is late, but happy anniversary! Congrats on your first year of marriage. Have a great trip to Leavenworth. I'm sure Sophie will have a great time. :)

raecatherine said...

Thanks Jen! The first year has really flown by.