Tuesday, November 21, 2006

What is out of place in this picture?

Remember the children's magazine HIGHLIGHTS? It had these really neat hide'n'seek pictures, lame comics of "Gallant the polite boy, and his brother Goofus the rude boy" among many other educational, interactive stories & puzzles. Hey, what can I say...I was a nerdy little kid who used to sleep with books in her bed. I recently took this picture that could easily be a HIGHLIGHTS puzzle for children. Have a look and see if you can get it right.

In case the item of out-of-place interest is a bit too small to see, Sophie is playing with the ball of yarn while Layla calmly watches over her.

Get it?

Sophie plays with YARN while the cat plays with SOCKS. (May I point out the lone sock underneath the piano bench of Layla's repose) We have solved the sock mystery around our house...socks seem to find themselves everywhere around the condo. And we always thought Sophie was somehow the culprit, even though we never caught her in the act. Yet another example of how the cat always manages to outsmart our dog. =) (And we thought the dog was pretty smart anyways)

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Jen said...

It must be nice to have a smart dog. :) It's great that Layla and Sophie get along so well.