Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Making the Yuletide Gay

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Whew...Andrew and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to the Northgate Mall where our mission was to find some daypacks for our Thailand trip. The mall was in the throes of Christmas madness on a Wednesday evening and we experienced a few distractions from our travel preparation mission....for example, we stumbled into a watch store because Andrew had a question about his watch warranty. I also found a watch I liked in that very same store. There's now a new shiny Skagen watch gracing my wrist with a nutty brown opalescent face.

We continued along our trek to the luggage store which we thought was at the South end of the mall...Just as we began to realize we were probably at the wrong end and spotted a mall directory, one of those vendors in the middle-of-the-mall type booths approached us and within seconds was buffing Andrew's thumbnail. Meanwhile, he was explaining how his nail would be all nice and shiny with some type of Dead Sea Salt treatment. Honestly, Andrew's thumbnail looks as if it were manicured for a while and then painted with clear gloss. I'm quite in envy of it; but Andrew wasn't too pleased with the experience. =) The guy's closing statement was "So, I did this to you so your girlfriend could see how well this works. I think she likes it."

Let's just say the guy didn't score any points with Andrew, both for calling me his girfriend and perhaps more for the experience of being given a girly thumbnail. I'll let you in on a little secret: I think I got enough live entertainment in those 3 minutes to last for several months, watching Andrew's bewilderment and the earnest doomed-to-fail attempts of the Dead Sea nails guy. (I'm being terribly unsympathetic to the plight of someone whose job is to sell cosmetic merchandise in places like mall vendors, but even the most soft-hearted person would have found the situation *hilarious*)

After we managed to tear ouselves out of the clutches of the Dead Sea Salt nail guy, we reoriented and hiked down to the opposite end of the mall to our intended destination: the travel luggage store. So many ways to organize and pack things. Do we need 2500 cubic inches of space or 3000? Does it expand or collapse? Does this dealy go into that dealy, and do we really need a duffel bag that convert to a backpacks, has a gadzillion straps, and could possibly be mistaken for a massive lump? We made a couple of purchases after nearly an hour rummaging through the store.

On our way out of the mall, we also found an excuse to look at digital SLR fast! such nice pictures! The camera guy was helpful, and adored making the statment "I highly reccommend...." At the end of our interaction, the camera guy slipped Andrew his name and the store number on a piece of paper (he probably gets a commission, right?)

The name on the paper read "Galan".

I was laughing merrily all the way back to the car. =)

* I don't mean this to insult any of my non-straight friends, it's not that using the word "gay" is funny, but that Andrew's experience and chain of events was quite funny to me.


Anonymous said...

Any guy who sells cosmetic shit at the mall can kiss my big black ass.

raecatherine said...

I was going to delete that comment, but I thinkt that might be my darling husband.

Anonymous said...

Tell Andrew I have complete sympathy. I,too, have been ambushed by the Dead Sea manicure guys. The first time, I bought Amy a set for Christmas, but the second time, the guy literally pulled me out of the main walkway toward his booth, at which point I told him I wasn't interested. Ignoring my refusals, he buffed and filed away. I continued to tell him no and he said, "What! We had a deal that if I did one of your nails you would buy stuff."

I said, "We had no such thing!" and have avoided these people like the plague ever since.