Thursday, December 14, 2006

merry and bright

I am so very excited to escape this obnoxious rain and endless wind to enjoy the weekend with Andrew and our friends Sheila & Olaf in Leavenworth. Of course we are taking Sophie, and they will take their Airedale pooch Kimi as well. Hopefully the snowfall won't be so fierce tomorrow while we are traveling, the Leavenworth weather and Steven's Pass cameras looked pretty awful for driving. Since I never got around to posting about Andrew and my Thanksgiving weekend there, I figured this might be a good time to share some pictures as well. The photo on the left is my parent's Leavenworth place, with its inagural snowfall.

One of the things that always makes Christmas-time hectic for many but also much treasured for me is all of its social events: the flurry of getting back in touch with old friends, or making holiday plans with new friends, receiving cards, pictures, and family update letters in the mail. I spent the first Saturday shopping downtown Seattle with Drea, and it had been a looong time since we went shopping together, and it was nice to be on 'girl-time' with the shopping and not the purpose-driven shopping Andrew and I usually do together. No matter how hard I try, I can't get Andrew to giggle with delight over cute little clothing items, try out the samples, or pore relentlessly through the sales bins. =)
This is Drea at my Auntie's wearable art sale wearing one of Auntie V's darling handmade hats and being, well, Drea.

On Sunday Andrew and I went to my parent's in Everett and had a family dinner with my sister and her boyfriend. For the first time ever in my family's history, we all watched a good deal of a football game. Eric's job is very sport-related; and I was quite in awe of the fact that he had managed to 'convert' my sister--someone whose main sporting interest included horses and primarily more horses--into the deeper meaning of all things athletic. *oh the things we do when we're in love*

In the middle of that following week, Andrew and I discovered a *wonderful* sushi restaurant called shun that is very near to our home. We had not treated ousrselves to sushi in quite some time, and found the fare to be nicely presented, the environment comfy and welcoming, and the bill was quite decent for the likes of 2 sushi fiends like us...On the way home we received a call from my friend Cheryl who said "Greg and I have just been at your place, I left something there." Many months ago, Cheryl cat-sit our princess kitty and though I've hung out with Cheryl a few times since, we somehow keep forgetting to hand off the house keys. Andrew and I arrived home to discover a strange item on our coffee table: a lovely handmade card and a shiny silvery wrapped box. This was the closest you get to a visit from Santa as an adult. =) And inside of that box we unwrapped a nice wooden cheese board that gives us every excuse in the world to indulge another one of our food extravagances: gourmet cheese!

My mom came for lunch and some shopping with me a few days later and I'm sure you know where we had lunch. I couldn't get mom to try the sushi, or even to try a piece of ours (I think she could tell we just enjoyed it too much) I also dragged her along with me to the Magnuson Off-Leash Dog Park, something I still think she honestly enjoyed despite the cold and the mud.
Jen & I-Me in front of the I-Mac

Last Saturday Jen came to visit us with little Noah, her sister's 7 month old baby. Jen was graciously watching after the little guy while her sister was beginning to tackle the studying necessary for med-school finals. It was so nice to spend some real time (and not phone, or blog, or email) with Jen and to observe the many antics of Noah. Noah was quite interested in Sophie and liked to touch her fur; however Sophie's response to this was to lick, and Noah didn't care for it at all! We figured out that he was much happier being in the papasan, and Jen gave him some Cheerios which were soon everywhere EXCEPT in his mouth. =) I actually found another cheerio today, and it's almost been a week since their visit.
Jen & Noah in front of the I-Mac. Check out that baby smile!

Now where was I again? I think I started this post by saying I was going to share some Thanksgiving Leavenworth picutres, and then got completely side-tracked. =) Ok, so here it goes...Sophie on a "down" on Smithbrook Road near Steven's Pass.

Me in my sexy gaiters and snowshoes. Hey, I was warm and dry, and cozy!
Sophie with a beard-full o'snow.

Andrew's trying to get the birdie in the tree to take a crumb from his hand. Bird is a bit too small to see in this photo. It

Crazy dog choses to go in the deeper snow with the crazy husband.
Apparently the previous snow-beard treatment has worn off.

Still and quiet forest.

Sophie and Andrew
Andrew hard at work, Sophie hard at play, me furiously snapping photos.

A lantern alight on Blackbird Island by the Wenatchee River.
Andrew and Sophie goofing around in the park while on a nighttime walk.

Beautiful sunny morning of our departure-a view looking upwards and possibly in a northwest direction from the cabin's porch.

So here's to another fun-filled weekend of snow-time, quiet forest walks, mulled wine, Sophie & Kimi wrestling-in-the-snow, good conversation with Sheila & Olaf, and relaxation. I hope everyone who follows this here little ol' blog of mine finds some time to enjoy their friends and family this month--and make some merry & bright new memories of your own.


Amy said...

Beautiful pictures, Rae! (And not just the one of the cute baby even though I am a bit biased. ) :)

Anonymous said...

I think Sophie has the same coat as Schatzi. Did you get it at REI?

Sorry about the Cheerios...I found some in my luggage the other day (how did they get there??).

raecatherine said...

Amy, of course Noah is a cutie! He's not like the ugly baby on Seinfield (just saw the "shrinkage and ugly baby" rerun last nite) Jen, I think I might have seen the same dog coats at REI; however we got hers at a little pet store in Leavenworth. Finding the cheerio was a smiley moment, not an annoyed one! =)