Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Should we stay or should we go?

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A bit of unwelcome news amidst our travel plans: there are recent bombings within Bangkok--at a shopping mall parking lot, tourist monument, pedestrian footbridge, beer garden, and one of which occurred only a few blocks away from Stu. (Andrew's friend with whom we're planning to stay). Stu is fine, shaken up but fine. There are very few known facts about this event: the "who" and the "why" is still unknown--or at least unpublicized at this point. There's a bit of speculation that it may be Muslim separatists or some group that disagrees with the current (post-bloodless-coup) government. We're scheduled to depart in 6 days. The travel embassy has issued a travel advisory warning and Stu tells Andrew he's been inside of his condo except for purchasing food. I don't think there's business closures going on as a result of people mostly staying inside at this point, but it's a bit early to tell to what extent this will affect the feeling and mood of the city.

Now, had we made plans to go to Israel or somewhere where happenings of this sort were more common, I think we would have already come to terms with the risks that might pose. I'm not quite sure what to think at the moment, but I'm a bit whiny (why now?). I'm still planning to go to the Travel Clinic today and get my hepatitis A vaccine. Andrew and I talked it over a bit this morning, and we'll have a few more talks today and decide later on this unfortunate piece o' business.

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