Saturday, January 06, 2007

This side up

The last few days have been extremely busy with preparations to leave. Hopefully, for Drea's sake--we'll get a chance to do some housecleaning before we depart and leave her to the business of house & cat-sitting. Yup, you read it correctly--we are still flying out early Monday morning for our first ever real trip together.

Stu says things and business is 'back to normal' in his section of the city and there has been no terrorist declaration or responsibility claimed for the blasts. I also realized (as I was driving myself to the Travel Clinic at Hall Health later in the morning) that I probably have a greater risk of getting injured while driving around here at home than venturing on the streets of Bangkok. Although we were initially bummed about the news in the morning we eventually came to a rational (and happy) conclusion.

We dropped Sophie off at Yelm yesterday. Even though it was nice to not hop out of bed and go walk the dog first thing in the morning today, I miss her sweet fuzzy face and doggie antics very much! Layla seems to be enjoying Sophie's absence and is definitely reclaiming her princess kitty status.

I have yet *another* list of items/errands today--this is it, we'll celebrate my Dad's 60th (!) birthday this evening and hopefully take it easy on Sunday before our flight.


Garrett said...

Have fun and be safe!

Jen said...

I have to echo the first comment. I hope you guys have a wonderful vacation and stay out of trouble (and get over that jet lag fast!).

Amy said...

Ditto from me. We'll see you guys when you get back!

josephine kingman said...

I posted a comment under another blog entry (the puppy love one) and then read more and realized that you may not see the other posting. So anyway, I guess you are leaving the country!! Wow! How exciting! In my other post, I told you to give me a call me when you get home! (I left my numbers in the other post.) Hope you and Andrew have a wonderful time!

raecatherine said...

Hi MIss Jo,

Andrew and I are in Thailand right now =) I'm glad you enjoyed the blog, it is fun to have and post pics and stuff. I have a couple of girlfriends, one who lives far away--who has one and it is a nice way to keep more current than phone call ssometimes allow.

I am typing on a thai/english keyboard! it's a little strange, and i hope you'll escuse the typos. It is a balmy 82 degrees here and just lovely! this is our first real trip together and it's so nice to have a friend to show us around. We'll be back Jan 26th, our updated info is 206.331.4601 home and cell is 206.799.1764. You may hear from me briefly in email form prior to then.

Take care Miss Jo!

Rae - Show

Oso cariñoso said...

I could've fit in that bag, too! Heh heh heh... I'm excited to hear your stories once you're home. I've posted TWICE since I've been house-sitting. I love your computer, darling! Thank you!