Monday, February 05, 2007

Want to know a Secret?

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Or two...or about a whole bunch? But they're not my secrets! In catching up with all the miscellaneous blogs I've randomly found and have become interested in (a lot of them are nursing blogs, actually) I stumbled upon PostSecret. It's a little gem of a blog: it's artistic, intriguing, sometimes sad, sometimes humorous, occasionally a bit shocking, and it also happens to be quite addictive. People create postcards usually with a simple image (not all of them are as cryptic as the one shown here) and mail them in anonymously to the blogger guy who then posts their secret. Apparently the guy who started the blog also has a book...wish I'd thought of that!

PS Left the camera wire plugged into Stu's computer in pictures will be a long time coming, especially since the postcards I mailed to some folks here in the USA still are yet to arrive. And in case you're, there's no secrets on my postcards!


Jen said...

Rae...I can relate to leaving camera stuff behind. Fortunately, you know where you left yours. I left my camera at my mom's this summer during a family reunion and it's been MIA since!

Jo said...

Hey! That blog is awesome! Now I really want to get the books. :)

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