Thursday, March 29, 2007

Midweek yuckiness

Today I went to the 5th Annual Palliative Care Conference hosted at Harborview Medical Center . It very interesting and I think it will be really helpful to my work. What isn't so helpful is the mildly sore throat and achy breaky back/legs/you name it =) that have suddenly snuck up on me yesterday and has lingered on as an unwelcome guest. Grrr...guess I'm just going to keep downing the tea, zinc lozenges, and probably call in a sickie for tomorrow.

Please excuse the kookiness of the prior entry which I think I need to complete at a different time, Sophie was spayed yesterday and she's doing well. I have a few funny things to share which is the point of the entire photo-story, but I'm afraid it needs a few tweaks from a sharper mind!

The surprise presentation of the day for me was by an investigator from the King County Medical Examiner's office. When I saw "Role and Responsibility of the King County Medical Examiner" on the agenda alongside topics like "Compassion Fatigue" and "Talking with Dying Patients and Their Families: What has Reseach Taught Us?" I was thinking, what in the world does the medical examiner's office have to do with palliative care? Well, I guess the answer is not much unless the death is somehow suspicious but there were many aspects of their work that I was preivously unaware of which is useful to know. Frankly some of it just had that gory intrigue you get from a tv crime show, except this is the real thing. =)

One parting thought from this achy tired girl: there's a lot of interest things I'd like to blog about, but for now I need some hot tea and ibuprofen. More later!


Jen said...

Feel better soon, Rae!

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Oi! Hope you feel better!