Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Sound of Change

Andrew and I have lived in our condo for barely over 1 year now. While we've managed to make it reasonably comfy, it is far from the nicely organized but home-y environment we'd like it to be. Case in point: Andrew still does all his work on a teensy tiny ikea desk that has miraculously survived countless moves, one of which was from Toronto to White Rock, Canada. Another case in point: we've been eating all our meals at our coffee table. Table dining to us is strictly a matter of going to a restaurant or dinner at a friend's home.
So last weekend Andrew made a few minor (but very appreciated!) changes. It started with the installment of a water filter. City of Seattle drinking water may be labeled 'safe to drink' but registers a 10 on the Ugh! scale with both of us. So now we have palatable water. Say goodbye to the Costco bottled water run!

He also bought a utility rug which is now protecting our entry-way. We thought about installing bamboo hardwoods in the entryway, and the price estimate sent us both into sticker shock ($800 for about 5 square feet? You have to be kidding!) So this morning, the rug was cut to size and properly nailed in. As Andrew was nailing away, he commented the obvious "Yep, it's officially loud." Hence the inspiration for the post title. =) Sophie of course had to come investigate the newest home addition. Is that an approving look, ya think? I think she's secretly saddened that there will be no more muddy pawprints on the insensible light beige carpet.

Not to be outdone by Andrew's industry, I took on the overwhelming task of rearranging some of our framed prints and compiling a photo collage of some favorite Thailand trip pictures. He proceeded to break out the toolbox to hammer/screw away to re-align the bedroom closet doors while I sweated over cutting straight lines and the daunting task of deciding which pictures to include in this little collage.
Can't you tell I was working oh-so-hard? =)

A dreaded Ikea trip might be in the near future, as we're thinking to add more organization and coziness to our bedroom. (I despise Ikea for its myriads of unsupervised children, blinding lights, must-walk-thru-it-ALL layout and curse-inducing drive on Soutbound 405) Following a massive bedroom overhaul, our next project is sure to provide lots of amusement: switching the living room into an office/dining room and vice versa...Guaranteed total chaos for a time.

And just in case you couldn't see some of the pictures in the collage, here's a few of my favorites (vertical ones being ommitted because I am either too lazy or unsavvy to figure out vertical alignment of photos!):
At Railay Beach East

Andrew on the Sakai sailboat, I think we're near Koh Mak.

A haunting view of the ruins of Ayyuthaya.Ladawan and I sharing a laugh on the steps of an ancient Ayyuthaya temple.
Andrew, me, Ladawan, and Stu.

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Jen said...

In spite of all the IKEA flaws, I love shopping there! (Although I agree with all the downsides you posted!!) We're hoping that Salt Lake City is going to get an IKEA soon...just in time for house shopping.