Friday, April 13, 2007

Hippity, hoppity

This is a bit belated, but a cute story nonetheless. After working yet ANOTHER Easter holiday (one of the lesser-loved aspects of nursing) Andrew picked me up from work (just like usual) and we drove home with Sophie in tow. (just like usual)

As Andrew drove down the hill towards our parking spot, we both noticed and began grumbling how SOMEBODY was in our assigned spot. This is a big deal because the nearest parking available is usually across busy Sandpoint Way, and I just wanted to get home as quickly as possible! (Not to mention those hefty monthly home owner's dues we pay for the spot!)

But wait! We were wrong. The car began backing up just as Andrew said, "Hey, I think that's your Dad's car..." and I immediately realized that he was right. There were my parents, just waiting for us to get home with Easter greetings, a huge chocolate bunny, peeps, and some pretty pink flowers. Easter has always been one of my Mom's favorite holidays and she has been lamenting the absence a family Easter this year.

We went inside and visited for a little while, and then my funny-bunny parents went home. Not exactly the Easter Bunny I've been missing since childhood, but a very sweet surprise nonetheless. =)

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Jen said...

What a nice Easter surprise! :)