Saturday, April 07, 2007

You are what You Eat...

With the turn of this nice springy weather and slowly emerging from the misery of my quasi-flu/cold, I've recommitted myself to healthier eating. Fortunately for me, this coincides with the arrival of the much-anticipated fruits of spring. I can eat oodles of strawberries in different forms, and don't even get me started on cantaloupe. I just got off the phone with Sheila and we had discussed getting in shape for summer hiking and she also warned me against the slowed metabolism of your 30s. What about the slowed metabolism of your post-college, newly-married years? hmmf.

I'm sure you all know the've had your dinner, your breakfast, your lunch, maybe even a midafternoon snack. And it's nearing bedtime but the SNACK MONSTER is calling you...or perhaps more demanding yet, the SWEETS MONSTER is luring you). I have to admit, I succumbed. I can even partially blame the arrival of the SNACK MONSTER on Andrew since he was the one who requested a snack. Although I must admit that I fixed a slightly less, ahem, healthy snack for a certain leaner member of the household I did manage to fix something fresh and fruity for myself. I even managed to sprinkle a little silliness in.

You are what you eat....(note to self: slightly unflattering pictures to follow)

Simply ravenous
Simply silly--trying out the strawberry nose
And of course, there's always the art of innovation: grape or earring?

Whaddya know, all this blogging has made me HUNGRY! S'cuse me while I go break out the Haggen Daz bars. =)


Amy said...

Rae, your blog made *me* hungry (and I just finished my ice cream snack!) :)

Jen said...

We've been trying to be healthier, but since it IS Easter after all, we broke down and made brownies with walnuts and marshmallows...great with ice cream. :)