Thursday, May 24, 2007

slight jet lag + sunny warm day = lazybones

So we're back, and after a flurry of unpacking, grocery-shopping, and half-hearted home-organizing, we had a bit more time to unwind tonite. It is good to be home, to be in our own bed with our lovely naminals...oh wait, we don't SLEEP with the animals =) but I left that funny sentence in there just to display how truly tired I am.

Sophie had a ball of a time at the dog-sitter's home. When I picked her up from the dog-sitter this morning I hardly recognized her because her teddy-bear fuzz had disappeared! Sophie is a different dog, courtesy of Sheila who groomed her beautifully for her grooming certification exam. Pictures to come soon, but not tonite--I'm still recharging batteries!

We had a relaxing time in Toronto with Andrew's parents and their two kitties. No spoiling is quite so appreciated as in having your meals prepared, and all kinds of goodies to eat in the house. On one of our first visits, Andrew's dad once made this very rich meat & carrot soup that I just loved and now it's a staple dish when we arrive.

As a parting thought, check out this Queen of Soul Nina Simone song--Sinnerman. Andrew's been listening to it, and now I'm hooked on it too.

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