Thursday, June 07, 2007

feeling a little bit old(er)

At the fine age of 26, I've passed a few of the major life-milestones: finishing a college degree, finding that special person to spend my life with, starting a career, and such. Each of these things have brought its own unique set of challenges and enhancements to my life. Today I think I reached another milestone (and this one is generally not looked at in quite such a fond manner): feeling old(er)!
It began innocently enough--with this morning's mail I received a "Save the Date" card for a 5th year Seattle University Class of 2003 alumni reunion. Mind you, the reunion is March 29, 2008; and I can guarantee you that the $80,000 spent on an SU education (while a superb education) will probably not cover the expense of the "Crab Feed" and "Live Jazz Lounge" events.
I had a second--and more profound--feeling old(er) event later today when I met Katie & Mikki for lunch. My Dad has 2 childhood friends who survived into adulthood, and when my sister and I were kids we would get together with these two families regularly. We spent many Christmases together hunting for the perfect tree, and celebrating birthdays and rung in maybe a few too many New Year's together in Leavenworth. I remember Mikki mashing up food in her high-chair and Katie crying when she was today when the 3 of us enjoyed a yummy lunch at Cedars, we caught up on eachother's lives and I marveled at how their lives have taken shape. The always-athletic Katie is now a UW college student who will spend her summer as one of 2 women on a Forest Fire engine crew. Mikki has her newly minted BSN and eats much more nicely at the table now =). Mikki (unlike me!) has the good sense to take a 3 month European backpacking trip before settling into her new career as an OB/Labor & Delivery RN in the Windy City of Chicago.

It was a near-maternal moment to have taken the time to meet with these special young ladies, and celebrate their new accomplishments. These girls are the first people I can remember as itty bitty babies who have now joined the ranks of adult-hood. What a special thing it is to have witnessed their lives thus far! Hopefully next time Bree (my sister) and Andrew (Katie's older brother) will be able to join in.

Left to right: me, Katie, Mikki

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Jen said...

Here's to milestones and growing up!