Thursday, June 21, 2007

sunny days are here to stay

Introducing the newest hobby at the Niculescu household....(minus the awful plaid & hounds tooth fashion) It's golf!

Andrew has lugged this old golf bag around for several years on his many moves. We always kept it, thinking that perhaps someday we'd get into it...after all, I'd lived on a golf course as a teen and went to the driving range a few times with my Dad. A friend of Andrew's invited him to a short-9 course a about a month ago and he came home very excited. (So excited in fact, that I couldn't help but be enthused by his exuberance)

While we were visiting a family friend later that same week, (who happens to be an avid golfer herself) Andrew mentioned his new-found hobby to her and before you could say "Fore!" she was loading a used set of ladies' clubs into our trunk. We went to the short 9 together a few times. We had fun but were hopelessly over par =) and didn't know much about how to swing, hold the iron...or even how to hit the ball consistently. Chipping and pitching were even greater mysteries to us.

We then discovered that the UW has a driving range near our home where I get an employee discount. And of course it didn't take me very long to determine that this new hobby validated the addition of some cute new active-wear clothing to my wardrobe...I even found a new lady's running store where I treated myself to the *perfect* everything skirt.

So now, nearly a month later we have 1 golf lesson under our belts, and have actually started keeping score at the short-9. I'm so terribly over par, but as Andrew reassured me on our drive home--it can only improve, right? It's been great fun to embark on a new hobby together and discover new things along the way. There's something about how this sport demands constant attention and concentration that's got this girly hooked.


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Good luck with your golfing adventures. Do you have appropriate attire? I want to see some plaid shorts!!