Sunday, July 22, 2007

3 days in pictures

Dropped off Sophie for some super Airedale fun with dogsitter Lydia. Bonus points if you can tell which one is Sophie! The others are: Alice, Kimi, and Dave.

Spent the night in Bell Harbor Marina by downtown Seattle on Bruce's beautiful sailboat. I was lucky to snap a photo of this rainbow as it disappeared quickly!
Motored the sailboat up through the San Juan Strait. This is a serene lighthouse and keeper's home on Stuart Island. We saw a fair amount of wildife: Dall's porpoises, a finback whale, and LOTS of birds.
Andrew helps to roll up the jib as we come into port for the night. Yes, it was a bit cold and rainy that weekend.
Capt. Bruce hoists the Canadian flag as we prepare to enter customs and moor for the night at Pender Island.

Cormorants lofting on a channel marker in the Vancouver Harbor.
A tugboat moored near Granville Island very close to the slip where the boat is moored and Andrew & I disembark for a yummy lunch with Capt Bruce and another boat-mate; then rent a car to drive home.


Amy said...

My guess is that Sofie is #2 from the right. It has been too long since I've seen her!
Amazing pictures...I loved them!

Jen said...

My guess is Sophie is laying down on the left. It looks like you had a fun (albeit rainy) trip!

raecatherine said...

Sophie is sitting! I think Amy might be right on this one...

La Arana Peruana said...

Your Sophie is so cute! Randomly stumbled on this webpage and thought of you!

raecatherine said...

ha ha, cute yarn! does this mean you're inspired to knit something airedale-like?