Sunday, July 01, 2007

A belated Father's Day on the Sound

Happy Belated Father's Day Dad! (Maybe next year I'll blog about Mother's Day just to make it even out a bit. =)

Andrew, Dad, Bree & I enjoyed a relaxing Sunday on the water. We sailed on a beautiful (inside and out!) 42-ft trimaran owned by an extraordinarily pleasant and welcoming couple. Andrew was especially thrilled to try his hand at the helm of a yacht under Captain Bruce's guidance.

Since it's almost virtually impossible to coordinate ALL of our working schedules and since Mom & Dad were traveling in Washington DC on Father's Day this was our belated celebration. Initially, there was supposed to be a bit of a surprise element for Dad (hence my post a few days ago entitled "Plotting and planning"). The surprise element didn't quite happen to the fullest extent because my poor mom took a bit of a tumble from a ladder. That's also why she wasn't able to join us--luckily her fall did not result in any head injury, just severe deep-muscle bruising (ouch!). To add insult to injury, Bree had just barely recovered from some food poisoning (for future reference, just avoid a tiny Mexican restaurant on 85th in Ballard) and truly deserves the "Trooper" award of the day for coming along for the ride!

For those of you landlubbers or power-boaters, a catamaran is a 2-hull boat that is joined by a frame. The result is a much stabler boat and a smoother ride. So in this case, you've got three hulls--hence a trimaran. Muli-hull boats are also faster than your typical mono-hull boat. Even if you're not familiar with the term 'catamaran' you've probably seen some of these (hobie cats) before. Hobie cats are quite popular and on any given summer day, you'll see quite a few of them speeding along in Lake Washington.

The weather was very pleasant. We all enjoyed pretty views, multiple seal sightings, and even hit about 7 knots an hour once we finally found a little wind. It's extraordinarily peaceful to be on a boat that is under sail and not noisy motor power. It's so much more conducive to conversation, wildlife-watching, and feeling the bewitching peacefulness of the sea.

A view of Seattle Center from the water

Another view of the downtown with the massive cruise ship leaving port.
Bree comes up from the head (don't ask).
Dad initiates the chow-down of the watermelon

Andrew helps cast-off from the pier.
Bree & me cheesing it up for the camera
Dad and Bree making the trek from bow to stern.
This is a view up the sail, and you might not be able to see it in this picture, but there *was* a slight circular rainbow present around the sun's rays.
Bree catches a nap and maybe a few sun rays on the trampoline. (The Capt's wife & first-mate, Sandy, is in the background.)
Andrew at the helm--all smiles after hitting the day's record high speed of 7 knots!
My Dad with his girlies--looking smiley & a little cold in the late afternoon breeze.
Me looking up at the billowing sail and having one of those "bewitched by the sea" moments. I think my hair is getting a bit will be haircut time soon!

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Jen said...

Rae, what a great day. It's enough to make you want a boat of your own. :)