Sunday, July 29, 2007

This, my friends, could be quite dangerous

Andrew, Sophie and I enjoyed a pleasant morning stroll across the street for doggie exercise and caffeine for the humans today. A new espresso stand has opened at Sandpoint-Magnuson Park, and we were very excited to discover that is uses Caffe Vita's Coffee Beans--the absolute best. Even though there's a darling little bakery within walking distance from our home, it has these yucky espresso beans, something with an elephant logo called Tony's with a taste reminiscent of Folger's crystals.

Not only did the new espresso stand have our favorite beans, it has aptly appropriate name--Java Dog, likely since it sits conveniently along the walking AND motoring route to the city's largest off-leash dog-park. While I thought their street sign was quite charming, I thought I could do their cartoon sketch logo one better...and so for you, dear readers and Sophie fans, I did exactly that.

Our chaste once or perhaps twice (at most) weekly latte ventures to Grateful Bread (and yes, in case you're wondering the bakery does pay homage to Jerry Garcia) up on the hill in Wedgewood is in grave danger of replacement by more frequent expeditions to the much closer, much more convenient Java Dog.

I wonder if they'll trade unlimited lattes for a new cover-aire-girl?

Could be worth a shot or two.

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Jen said...

What a great doggie model. :)