Wednesday, July 11, 2007

"Too many" is good enough for me

Someday, I'd like to have a superwoman swing that looks something like this, and be good enough to play on a lovely 18-hole course as elegant as the one you see below...but for now, I'm just working on the basics.... like golfing terminology.
While learning, enjoying, and occasionally cursing over golf, I've learned some new words ...definitions shamelessly stolen from here.

par: The number of strokes a player should take to complete a round with good performance.

bogey: A score of one over par for the hole. To play a hole in one stroke over par.

eagle: Two stokes under par for a single hole. To play a hole at 2 under par.

double bogey: A score of two over par for a single hole.

double eagle: A score of three under par for a single hole.

And last, but extremely important...

too many A score I found inscribed on somebody's lost scorecard; which initially Andrew and I just laughed at--"too many"?

But then the 6th hole at Jackson Park's short 9 course reared its ugly, unforgiving head....Up until this point I had been doing fairly well, not getting more than a triple bogey on every hole. I thought I might even have enough material for a gleeful bragging post...But somewhere about 12 shots into the 6th hole I just stopped counting. Suddenly I understood that "too many" is a perfectly valid and applicable term, especially when one doesn't really want to destroy a formerly respectable beginner's score.

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Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Hey Rae!

Greg and I are looking forward to golfing with you guys today!