Thursday, August 16, 2007

Just when you thought it was safe...

To take your dog on a walk in lovely Magnuson Park in the early evening and not be distracted from said activity, I discovered that it's possible for an innocent jaunt in the park to turn into a shopping spree. Sophie and I enjoyed early evening ball and play time with all the Great Danes she could find inside the park. For some reason unknown to man or beast, she just goes nutso over Great Danes. The bigger they are, the more nutso she gets. Play-bowing and all. This picture is the closest representation I have to Sophie play-bowing, but she's usually looking up at the dog and wagging her tail ferociously. It's downright comical.

On our way back home while walking past Hangar 30 I discovered that one of my favorite clothing stores--title nine-- is having a "Blowout Sale" in the most random of locations. For all you Seattle ladies, it lasts approximately 3 more days. While the prices were pretty good, I wouldn't exactly call it a blowout...I did make out pretty nicely, though...A couple of pairs of shorts, long-sleeve shirts, and tank top for about $100. And some of them are the Horny Toad brand--hee, hee, that makes me giggle like a 3rd grader. Just say it aloud--I guarantee that you'll laugh! Despite what you may think, the Horny Toad items are neither green nor are they revealing.

More interesting (and less shopping-oriented) posts in the works...thanks for the patience, it's been not the greatest couple of weeks lately.


Jen said...

Love the picture of Sophie play-bowing. Play-bowing dogs always make me brings out the puppy in them. Doc play bows to Schatzi every once in awhile and doesn't move until Schatzi jumps on top of him and starts to wrestle. Poor guy gets stuck there every once in awhile when Schatzi ignores him. :) Schatzi...well, she just play bows at all new people, dogs, cats, you name it! She even play bows at the vet!

raecatherine said...

There's just not quite words to describe the comical, enticing nature of the play bow. I would die laughing to see a dog playbow to a kitty...Sophie's done it to Layla a couple of times, but with severe consequences (claws out and a powerful swat on the nose) That Schatzi is a hoot!