Thursday, August 30, 2007

This is what trouble looks like...

This is Sophie at Camp Alice. For 11 days, our poochie is staying with our favorite dog-sitter and Airedale-guru extraordinaire. We don't think she'll miss us, cause as you can see, she has lots of playmates here. From left to right, Mattie, Dave, Sophie with her big pink tongue, Cowboy, Alice, and Stella.

Just to make sure Sophie doesn't have a better time than us, we're off to somewhere warm, tropical, and really lovely....the island of Oahu! Just found out I'll have to do a few more interviews to secure the job (apparently ALL the members of the team need to meet with me, there's 2 more physicians and a PAC, scheduling that is gonna be interesting) I've been informed that I'm still a competitive candidate but enough about the job--it can wait while Andrew and I get our share of beautiful blue waters and sunshine. A-looooo-ha!

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Jen said...

I've been having some trouble accessing your blog, so I'm a little out of date. Fun picture of all those dogs. :) Your job interviews sound promising.