Thursday, September 27, 2007

Happy Mensiversary!

I seem to be *woefully* behind in updates lately. And about a month ago, I missed the opportunity for a very sweet post, so I'll start by saying "Happy Mensiversary Cheryl & Greg!" (I say it this way because I am a little nerdy, and because I know Cheryl appreciates and understands this particular strain of dork-ism within me. )

One of life's greatest blessings is that of good friends...and the things that you experience through them and alongside them. Both the good and the bad.

About a month ago, I witnessed a lovely event--the marriage of my college friend Cheryl to her former work supervisor (ha ha!) Greg. Their wedding was on a late August day which hinted at rain but turned to beautiful sunshine. And it was carefully planned to be intimate, yet elegant--and inclusive of Cheryl's Chinese background and some of Greg's Aussie customs.

Their ceremony was heartfelt and very sweet, with lots of laughs and a few happy tears. I've never seen such a smiley, relaxed bride. Andrew and I enjoyed great food and met some of Cheryl's long-time friends and family. I even saw an old college buddy, Tania, and met her husband for the first time! And later on, when the ladies and all the aussie men hit the dance floor, when I couldn't quite convince my reluctant husband to join us, Cheryl came to the rescue. That's what girlfriends are for, right?

Already in their first month of marriage, Cheryl and Greg have faced some challenges and disappointments. But such is life! I'm glad they've found each other, aren't you? Just look how cute and happy they look here...ah, newlyweds!

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What a great picture! :)