Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Ultimate Mayhem

It was a slightly abnormal night for us--Andrew was on the phone for TWO stinking hours regarding business-related manners. I had just returned home from my 4th (and final, thankyou) interview with 2 physicians and an ARNP on the GI team and will be starting in a few weeks. In short, we both had very eventful days with lots to tell each other but wound up with little actual time to spend together. Even though I am sometimes jealous of Andrew working from home, one of its greatest benefits is that it usually does allow us a fair amount of together time. Case in point: we had golfed together earlier in the morning to help me chill out before this last interview.

I grilled some salmon for dinner and plated us both some rice pilaf and greek salad. We've been blessed with lots of fish lately courtesy of my Dad's many successful fishing trips and a friend's recent visit to his home state of Alaska. Once I was done with the fish, I ran upstairs to let Andrew know dinner was ready and left his plate on the ceramic-top stove warming plate.

Since I thought that Andrew should be off the phone soon and I noticed that a re-run of Grey's Anatomy season finale was on (which I never saw) I settled onto my couch with my dinner. Yes, I admit it--I am guilty of watching Grey's when I can, despite its terrible medical inaccuracy, blatant exclusion of nurses, portrayal of residents as doing the work nurses usually do... and if I dwell on that too much, I simply can't appreciate the lovelorn angst and drama that is actually the enjoyable aspect of the show!

At one point, I left the sofa to use the bathroom and also went upstairs to remind my husband that his dinner was getting cold. When Andrew finally came downstairs, we made an unpleasant discovery--the piece of grilled fish was nowhere to be seen. There was not a trace of it whatsoever.

Layla has been known to attempt to drag pieces of fish or other meat thawing off the counter and across the room, but this is usually quite a noticeable feat. It's a high bar counter, and Sophie (ever the watchful dog) will often verbally express her disapproval of Layla jumping up on the counter when food is involved. Trust me, we've averted this food thievery many times and usually just place thawing meat in the microwave. Layla is quite the dainty eater, too--she just barely nibbles at her food. And typically she doesn't allow Sophie anywhere remotely within her vicinity while she is eating. So usually there's something about a 12 lb cat dragging a 1/2 lb or more of meat off the counter and a very excited 50 lb dog that generally clues us into the situation.

But in this case? Nothing. And since the fish was cooked, you can bet it probably broke into several pieces once Layla hit the floor. After pacing around the living room and examining every nook and cranny, I noticed that Sophie's typical non-smelly doggy breath was suspiciously fishy.

Poor Andrew went without a proper dinner and I was just shocked at the fast one our so-called loyal pets had pulled. But if I'd been keeping up with the Japanese videos on VideoSift, I would have known that it is possibly for a determined kitty to haul off a 2kg (that's 4 pounds!) of fish.


La Arana Peruana said...

Hahaha!! Awww poor Andrew! That is such a Sammy thing to do! Surely little Miss Sophie can't be guilty of such a crime!

raecatherine said...

well, without Layla the kitty she wouldn't have had a chance. The counter is waaay too high for the doggie, and she is NOT allowed in our kitchen. (since it's about the size of a postage stampe!)

Jen said...

Ah, the joy of a counter surfing pet! We have Doc to keep us on our toes. Poor Joe has gone without lunch many a time as Doc has snatched the sandwiches I've so lovingly made off the counter.

Jen said...

Wait...does that mean you got the job? It was sort of buried in this post...

raecatherine said...

i think it *was* finally official at the time of this post. we have to talk sometime! enjoy your 207 reunion weekend.