Monday, October 15, 2007

random silliness

One of my talents is finding things to amuse myself on the internet. I think most bloggers will admit to this trait. And with Halloween just around the corner, here's a way to try out some costume ideas from the comfort of you own home... Check out the defacer if you wanna try on some true ugliness.

Here, just to help inspire your creative nature this is exactly about how scary I can be... (consider yourself warned!) Andrew probably thinks I looked a lot scarier about half an hour ago, when I had on my green avocado face mask (which is why I'm wearing the polk-a-dot thingie) But neways, enough stalling. Time for the debut of scary-freak Rae.


My Defaced Picture
Having been close up an personal to far too many nasty wounds, I couldn't quite bring myself to paste any artificial wound other than the rather sterile-appearing scratch...I just couldn't get that far, but maybe you can.

And if you're a lurker whom I know in real life who *never* or *rarely* comments, do this girl a your ugly halloweenie pic to me so I can get a good laugh too! Ok, we cool?

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