Thursday, October 18, 2007

What did you just say?

So the past 3 days have gone by like the little windstorm Seattle is having right!

I've been 2 days at the new job: nice people, looks like it's a more relaxed pace (still has its busy moments, but nothing compared to bedside care!) and lots of familiar faces..Today I went to an end-stage care conference at the Future of Flight Center...had to get Andrew the foam play version of the new Boeing 787, boys need their toys. The flight center actually looks like quite an interesting place, and it's surprising that me (being the nerd I am) has never actually taken the tour, but that may be an endeavour for another day!
One amusing thing about the new job: no matter how hectic things got at my old work, in 4 years I think I can count the times I heard a nurse swearing in frustration or just in casual conversation to illustrate a point literally in under 2 hands. And believe me, there were *plenty* of things that could reasonably cause even the mildest-mannered person to swear like a 16th century sailor. At this new job, it's already happened 3 times with people I've barely met. Mostly people are just being funny in a coworker "watercooler" type discussion, but still, it sort of puzzles me. Especially because of the clinic environment, there seems to be a lot more contrived social conversation...and "let's all be nice, boys-n-girls" type of attitude. It doesn't seem entirely fake, but some folks seem a wee bit forced in their eagerness to have social conversations.

We'll see. This could get interesting. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention to what people say. Maybe the people here need some type of outlet for a repressed office life where there is a 'politeness policy' (yes, an actual policy) about how one speaks on the phone with patients, so the answer is to shake up the nice-ities with a dicey word here and there, now and then. For the hell of it, y'know. ;)

I'm many of you encounter the cussing coworker?


Jen said...

I have to say, a lot of my coworkers cuss frequently...but usually not within in a patient's earshot.

Jo said...

Well....I don't really have any coworkers so the only thing for me to cuss at is my computer, which happens occationally, but not that much. I grew up (as you well know) in a house where everyone cussed a whole lot, and now that I am all grown up I don't really cuss very much at all....wish I could say the same for my brothers. :)
PS: I am mailing you a letter today!!

deanna said...

Well, working at a church I gotta say it is VERY rare to hear a coworker cuss. And I gotta say that when talking with friends or acquaintances who cuss frequently, it's a little odd to my ears.

raecatherine said...

Oh, it's definitely out of patient earshot, but it's just weird. I'm not used to it at work, in fact one time a nurse I was precepting was cussing about this epidural line that we couldn't get untangled, and for a split second I almost thought--"should I say something?" but no patients were in earshot....but then you know, there's always my dear hot-blooded Romanian husband...and let's say he's curbed certain things out of love, but he still tends to use *much* more colorful language than...ahem, i do.

Jo-Cussing at computers doesn't count! =) Looking forward to the letter.

Garrett said...

Swearing at working boosts productivity. My coworkers don't swear very much, my I'm pretty cordial with them anyways.

David said...

None of my coworkers cuss, but we do express our emotions with some swear words among ourselves.

Anyways, good luck with your new job :)

Jaime said...

Let's see hehe ;)

When I was a waitress, all of my co-workers cursed. I'll admit I got on the bandwagon pretty quickly but it can be a stressful job.

When I worked in apartment management the cursing was considerably less but still there. Especially when we had someone skip out or better yet, skip out and totally destroy the apartments.

Unfornately for me, the best curse word I am allowed is "frack" or "dag nab it" as it wouldn't be wise to encourage my brood to swear.

Love the Blog!!!

Kim said...

Ahem, let's just say it flies in the ER and leave it at that! : D

I find myself slipping on occasion!