Sunday, November 11, 2007

I should have known

So it appears I owe all my blog readers an apology for an intensely vapid post. I'm stealing an idea from a blog I occasionally read. I hope it tickles your fancy.

Three itty-bitty sentence stories

1. The night nurse brushed past a sleeping, petite brunnette form as she entered the room. "So your daughter is staying with you tonight, what is her name?". "That beautiful girl," said the young man newly diagnosed with myeloma, "is my wife and I hope to have children with her one day."
2. He stared at her with eyes so aged and sad, they appeared violet instead of brown. Disarmed by his gaze, she opened her book and began to read. He sighed and looked at the floor as the other bus passengers shuffled by.
3. The elderly lady pulled up her gown to reveal her surgical incision and asked, "Now tell me honey, what kind of idiot did they let loose on me?". The newly stapled incision snaked upwards from her pubic area and swerved around her belly button. The nurse stifled a laugh and attempted to explain that this was the standard incision for her operation.
4. Jeffry was driving his son to to preschool when a massive land rover cut him off. Enraged, he muttered "Get outta my way, you dumbshit." From the backseat of the car a little voice echoed, "Yeah, you dumb ship!".


Jaime said...

I love this idea! ;)

Jen said...

This is great...but it definitely makes you want to hear more of the story.

El Oso cariñoso said...

You guys are amazing! And I'm so glad to hear that you guys are still much in love... "don't tell" Andrew that he looks gay in his shirt.