Sunday, November 04, 2007

Just relax a minute, will ya?

I'm 3 weeks into my new job as a clinical nurse coordinator for GI oncology patients and I certainly have to say this...I never thought a nursing job could be this easy. While admittedly some of my duties are really somewhat that of a glorified secretary, I do spend a fair amount of time on the phone counseling patients and also have teaching sessions with clinic patients in person on a daily basis. Although I have my busy moments with urgent and multiple tasks to be completed; the 'outpatient urgency' in no way competes with the urgency of a medically acute situation.

This is not to say that both my brain and my body are on a comfy auto-pilot because there still is a fair amount of clinical knowledge and fine-tuned assessment skills that I utilize throughout my day...but the far less frequent emotional drama and lack of physical labor equate to a much more relaxed Nurse Rae. See, this Navy Nurse also knew that good things can come from a nurse at a desk. It's not all about the blood and guts. And other things you certainly don't want me to talk about.

Top Ten Things I'm digging at the new job, in no particular order:

1. Continuity with patients--I'm slowly getting to know the 100 + patients of my 2 oncologists.
2. I can take my lunch break pretty much whenever I want with nothing to worry about, just voice messages that will need to be returned.
3. Working with experienced oncologists who understand and can make efficient, expert decisions about how to approach the complexities of the typical oncology patient.
4. The schedule, the schedule, the schedule. I have all my major holidays off this year!
5. Discovering how many cute clothes and comfy light sweaters I've neglected in my years of wearing scrubs.
6. Actually having the energy to do something besides eat, shower, and turn into a zombie when I get home.
7. Having the time to familiarize myself with a patient's chart and history, in detail, before meeting with them.
8. Seeing and lunching with some of my favorite old co-workers who work in the infusion room which is just up 1 floor from the clinic.
9. The espresso carts that are conveniently not in my building (another excuse to get out of the office for a short walk) feature none other than the yumminess of my favorite cafe vita beans.
10. Being more patient and overall a better nurse because my life is more balanced and my workload is reasonable.

While things are generally pretty rosy right now and I'm basking in this infinitely calmer and more thoughtful atmosphere, I still find myself having moments where I'm a bit on edge. You know, just getting that feeling that since this moment is so relaxed, a chaotic moment lurking just a mili-second away. I think this comes from the years of inpatient nursing where everyone knows not to say the dreaded "It's quiet today" on a less-then-busy-shift because once this statement is uttered, or the lack of activity is consciously felt, predictably all hell breaks loose in the most awful ways imagineable.

I have to shake myself awake sometimes and remember to chillax a little bit. And I'm not really a "just chill out" kind of girl, but I'm trying to be. Maybe this will help...I am certainly none of these things at the moment, but this was by far the amusing 'chill pill' I could google.


La Arana Peruana said...

Yeah I've felt I could use a little Fukitol a time or two. This "ad" is hilarious and was very prevalent in the Hutch!

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

hahahha! It also means, your non-nursing friends can see you! And that is grrrrrrrrrreat!

Jaime said...

LOL!! I'm glad you're enjoying the new job.

Jen said...

Your ad is funny! Glad you are liking your job.