Monday, November 26, 2007

the list

I am sadly lacking a blog entry to commemorate Thanksgiving...which was really quite nice this year, considering I didn't have to work! But, since Thanksgiving is quite decidedly passe, even the leftovers have been devoured and long forgotten...which brings us to the next thing, but of course...Christmas!

One of our family Thanksgiving traditions is the drawing of names for a family gift exchange. Although I miss the fun that goes into selecting a gift for each member of my family, this allow sme to get a particularly *nice* gift for one person, rather a whole bundle of less luxurious nick-nacks. And of course there's always the problem of drawing Dad's name, who is a bit of a challenge to shop for...

So it was nothing extraordinary that Mom came around with 'the names' right as we were breaking out the pie, oh that wonderful cinnamon-y apple pie baked by my favorite Auntie Victoria. I drew my sister....for those of you that know my sister, you also know that she is easy to shop for... I was pretty happy with this result.

While we're all getting our mugs of coffee and savoring the crumble-y apple pie goodness, Bree grabs a notepad and plunks herself down on the couch. She starts writing in a very industrious manner, a rare sight on a holiday that deals primarily with sleep-inducing food...

Noticing that my sister was actually ignoring the pie, I couldn't help but ask, "Hey Bree, what are you doing?"

She stays quiet for a few seconds, and then says (rather sheepishly) "Well, I thought I'd make you a list....since you said you had a hard time getting me a birthday present."

(The 'hard time' was just deciding what to get, considering the myriad of things that I could have purchased for her!)

At this response Andrew and I take one look at each other and start cracking up. In under 5 minutes, possibly as few as 3 minutes...she'd completed her "Wish List" and gave it to me.

What can I say, the girl knows what she wants.

She didn't ask for anything outrageous. Believe me, it's great to be given a list. I dig having a list of things (or at least ideas) to start with.

For those of you who have a 'problem child' or two on your shopping list, you can check out these on-line "wish list" trackers and pesker them until they've fulfilled their rightful gift-receiver duty:

Kaboodle Best Feature: $25,000 wish-a-day giveaway

Hintbug Best Feature: Simple, non-cluttered design. Allows you keep lists of contacts and notify your people of special events. (Gotta love that--nothing like having your own list of "your people" who are potential gift-buyers ;-)

So s'cuse me, that reminds me...I haven't provided my sis with a list yet, so I'll just need a few minutes to work on that.


Bree said...

Where's my list woman!! :)

Jaime said...

This is a wonderful idea! Unfortunately for me, all I'll hear about daily until Santa arrives is what my children want for christmas. ;)

raecatherine said...

i'm working on it Bree! Eesh! Later today, I promise! =)

Jen said...

I have a hard time with Christmas lists. It seems like I'll have a few ideas of things that would be nice and then once I sit down to write the list, my mind goes blank.