Friday, November 02, 2007

A new sort of nursing cap

Imagine this smiling lady at the left is your nurse....
Yup, that's right. Her morning routine goes something like this:

Scrubs? Check.
Stethoscope? Check.
Brain? Check.
Penlight? Check.

Hardhat? What?

I was looking for some pictures to go along with a post I'm playing with, and found this article which is actually making me laugh right now; despite the fact that it's probably true and what a terrible truth it is. I know it's horribly politically incorrect to be so amused, and I could probably come up with at least a dozen past patients where this would have been ideal work attire for me...but right now I'm just cracking up.

When have you wished you wore a hardhat? C'mon, I know there's gotta be a lot of funny stories out there, even from you non-nursing folks.


Amy said...

My favorite part of the post? "Brain? Check."

Maybe that would improve my days. :)

raecatherine said...

oops. "Brain" refers to the all-important piece of paper that helps you remember when to pass your meds, write down labs, stuff like that.

Jaime said...

LOL ahh how funny!!

The one time I wish my husband had a hard hat...

We were getting things out of the car and he was bent over and I didn't see him. So I shut the trunk...on his head! There was this terrible "crunch" followed immediately by a bellow "Oh GOD!".

He recovered but it was scary. Now it's just funny. ;)

raecatherine said...

ouch! i hit my head a lot, as andrew might tell you. usually it's when i don't have my glasses or contacts on; i have pretty bad peripheral vision without them.