Wednesday, January 30, 2008

before the day awakes

I'm up a bit before the usual time this morning with a wee bit of a headache. So I probably shouldn't be blogging, but I am otherwise being quite good--drinking some mint tea and having a bit of cornbread.

Apparently some readers were hopeful for climbing pictures. But the problem is, I haven't really 'climbed' anything yet! So far, I'm basically learning a bunch of techniques. Although I did prussik my way up and down the mountaineers smelly old gym last Wednesday, that was hardly photo-worthy (Why do old buildings always stink so badly? Or maybe just ones that are usually full of the odiferous, i'm gonna-save-the-world-by-never-taking-a-shower sort of peeps?) Once there actually is something worth taking a photo of, I promise you I will be here in all my non-smelly glory.

It's been a bit of a strange week at work with 2 codes in clinic; only one 'real' code. Being a nurse but now being on the outside of direct patient care is awfully strange. For me, codes used to be pretty intense. Sure, we still had a 'code team' that would come and take over the directing of the code, but I was still fairly heavily involved--with meds, vitals, supporting family members, whatever needed doing. Now, it's basically help direct the medic unit to the exam room, or at best take a blood pressure, then step out of the room and let the code team do their thing.

Well here's wishing everyone a fine 'hump day' and that the weekend comes quickly! Leaving you with an unusual photo of a sculpted face along the Lake Pratt trail which Andrew, Sophie and I hiked on MLK weekend. And because I can't resist, one of Sophie with her snowy beard. The first comment by everyone we met along the trail was: "Wow, your dog really loves the snow!" And the second was..."Why are your packs so big?" (For conditioning purposes, we both had fully-loaded overnight packs.)


Jen said...

Codes in an outpatient setting are a completely different experience. It makes me thankful for my nursing background, though, and that I've had the experience of really helping in a code. Sophie's snowy beard looks fun...does the snow stick to her paws?

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

*applause* Wow, w/ packs! Not there yet. Slowly working on conditioning.

Yellow Blade said...

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