Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Lights! Camera! Action!

No, I'm not talking about movie time. I'm actually talking about a sporting event--none other that the soon-to-be-relocated Seattle Sonics.

My Christmas present this year to Andrew was good seats at a hopefully good game: Lakers Vs Sonics, and last nite was exactly that. Although there are certain things to be said about watching an athletic event from your own home and comfy pj's, nothing quite compares to the roar of the crowd and having good enough seats to see the players at more than 1/16 of the real-life size. Section 101 was a definite winner for an outstanding view, and the below pic is actually quite a bit further away than we were, but it does give you a bit of an idea...

We hooted, hollered, and back-seat coached or whatever you call it...(ok, so Andrew probably did a lot more of that than I did) and cheered the Sonics on into a captivating 5 minutes of OT that was decided within the last 20 seconds.--123 to the sonic's 121. Exciting stuff!

Sadly, there were a *lot* more Kobe Bryant jerseys in the crowd than Sonics; and obvious booing at times when a call was made not in Laker's favor. All things considered, Sonics rookie Kevin Durant did reasonably well against such an intimidating, established player....but Kobe of course picked it up so much in the last OT stretch it almost seemed as if he'd been holding back for the entire game and was just playing halfheartedly. (this review describes Kobe as KO'ng the Sonics for those lurking sports fan who actually want to read an accurate game description)

It was quite an enjoyable nite, and even more so watching Andrew's first time at a live sporting event! I should have brought the camera, but this girl didn't think about that. Maybe we'll go back soon. :)


Jen said...

Welcome back! I have to agree...live sporting events are so much more fun with all the energy you get from the crowd. And, it sounds like it was an intense game!

Jaime said...

Wow, that is amazing. I'm embarrassed to say I've never been to a basketball game.

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Oh! No WAy!!! Greg and I were at that game as well!!!