Tuesday, January 01, 2008

the year anew

I'm not quite sure why, but I'm just not feeling the love of blogging lately. I have no excuse. There is plenty to blog about, oodles of pictures, but I'm involved with other things at the moment. Eventually I'll be back around with more interesting things to say...

This is beautiful Icicle Creek where Andrew and I snowshoed with Drea and her family just before New Year's. Driving through (or in my case, being a happy passenger) Steven's Pass this time of year is just breathtaking. The snow on the jagged rocks and trees creates such beautiful structures. Of course, when our formerly seamless commute home turned into extremely slow traffic; the lack of mountain scenery as we approached multiple smalltowns, wa and overfull bladders was the cause for much lamenting and groaning. Or, in Andrew and Drea's case and much to my amusement...use of four letter phrases.

A few miscellaneous thoughts jotted down on my "Paper Palm Pilot" will suffice for my dearth of blogging. Paper palm pilot was provided courtesy of Mommy Santa's awesome Christmas stocking!

Cold winter sun
Beams a distant greeting
Over powdered trees
Marching up the treacherous crag


Jen said...

Paper palm pilot, huh? Sounds like a creative stocking stuffer. I might have to remember that one for the future. :)

FerdC said...

lovely winter poem
peaceful and brief
i loved it