Saturday, February 02, 2008

and this is your reward

Looking down from the base of Haystack
Looking down and slightly left (perhaps southeast, but i am a terrible orienteer) of Haystack

For waking up at 7:30 am on a Saturday (oops, slept in an extra 30 minutes)

For fumbling around with all your gear and fitting it into some sense of normalcy in you pack. Your huge, heavy, overnight-laden pack.

For realizing as you hit the trailhead that since you're carrying a huge backpack anyway for conditioning with all the stuff you won't wind up using on a day trip, why in the heck did you leave your waterproof mittens at home?

For hiking a trail I'm really not all that fond of, this review expresses it perfectly, but know is a great choice for conditioning purposes.

For that rude group of 8 tourists who don't know the trail etiquette of red-faced hiker puffing upwards gets right of way over massive troupe i-podding and chatting it up on their cellphones downwards. Might I mention, 7 of these 8 people are PACK-less. Their non-stop talking tour guide appears to be the 'mule' for the group.

For your feet yelling to you that they prefer to be in your comfy, broken-in hiking shoes and not the stiff new mountaineering shoes.

For your cold hands (since you neglected to bring your mittens) struggling to lace up your cramp-ons at the top of Mt Si, which is notoriously windy and slippery this time of year. But luckily your nice husband (who did not forget his gloves) loans his own gloves to you thus saving you from certain finger amputation. (ok, a bit of an exaggeration, I must admit)

Sophie running amuck chasing a bird at the base of Haystack (once we got home this trail dynamo promptly said hello to the kitty and snuggled into her crate with a tired sigh)

So was it all worth it? Yes. But for what it's worth (and I am going to be very unladylike here)...the Mt. Si trail sucks. And for all that uphill that took 3 hours and close to 4000ft elevation gain, you only get like 2 view spots. And most of the people who use the trail somehow manage to make it suck worse. I'd much rather take the trail less traveled by...


Jen said...

Whoo hoo for awesome husbands with gloves/mittens...Joe's prime objective is "must keep wife warm" and frequently packs extra warm clothes for me since I tend to forget them. Really, he is just an enabler, but it works for us. :)

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

ugh!!!! Lousy trails are the worse. ugh!!! Sounds like Greg and I need to start conditioning as well. Any room in you pack to fit me? hahahaha.

deanna said...

Hey, what are you conditioning for?

Tania said...

yeah you should pack little cheryl in there! ;P so what are you training for? Wayta go though, you finished!

Jaime said...

Beautiful pictures! What I wouldn't give for some snow.