Wednesday, February 20, 2008

couldn't even if I tried

It is a well known fact that we humans love to procrastinate. From homework and chores in childhood to...oh, paying bills, going to the dentist, changing the oil in your car as an adult. Not surprisingly, apparently folks also are known to procrastinate when it comes to matters of their health and well-being. Even the folks that already know they're in a somewhat sick and fragile state.

When Friday afternoon rolls around, I tend to get the craziest...and I do mean...CRAZIEST calls from patients. I can't even begin to HIPPA-ize this stuff, because honestly...It's already so outrageous and if I must HIPPA-ize while retaining some semblance of 'believe-ability' then the sheer genius of it all is lost. It would be either waaay to outrageous or understated.

So I'm going to attempt with another scenario.

Let's say that you own a 7-11 and you've been robbed and punched up a bit. Then, for some unknown reason (maybe because the punch gave you a small concussion) you continue to go about your business. You know, tidy up a bit, get out the first aid kit, whatever. Just walk it off.

A few hours go by...and whaddya know, there's another hold-up. Except this time you're a little more battered. This guy was really upset because...well heck, you were already robbed. All robber no 2 made off with was the penny rolls the other dude didn't bother taking, a few donuts and a six pack. And for good measure since he was having an especially sucky day in his criminal career, he pummeled you a bit more and tied you up to the register but somehow left you within reach of the phone.

It is only at this point, with your left eye swelling shut that you somehow remember that this thing called 911 exists exactly for your current situation. And so you finally resolve to dial what you should have dialed after incident no 1.

Do ya think they're gonna catch the bad guy and be of any real actual help to you at this point?

Methinks not.

So the moral of the story is...when I give you my business card and we talk for an hour or more about important reasons to get medical attention, I want you to do exactly that when the situation arises.

I. really. do. Cause I'm sure you'd much rather get seen in clinic and then directly admitted to the hospital and not gamble on the jungle that is otherwise known as the emergency department.

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Jen said...

LOL! I run into this all the time, so all I can do is share your pain...