Saturday, February 23, 2008

how to have a happy cat

Andrew and I have been starting to go to indoor climbing gyms the past few weeks. While I was lucky enough to have a co-worker who passed her climbing shoes onto me, Andrew had been climbing in either a) his beat up, tried old sneakers I complained about a very old post or
b) hilariously, his huge mountaineering shoes.

No more....after yet another trip to REI, he came home with climbing shoes of his very own AND a little something for Layla. Who needs fancy cat furniture when all it takes is a good old-fashioned box, my friends?

Layla in the climbing shoe box.
Layla in Andrew's mountaineering shoe box. Yes, the shoes are a bright, eye-blistering green.

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Jen said...

Well...he'll be easy to spot in a snowstorm. :) Layla looks quite happy. THese pets...Doc is in love with sleeping in a freezer box. Why do we buy him crates at all?