Friday, February 08, 2008

the illustrious life of Sophie

A few days ago, a certain 4-legged member of our household officially turned 2 years old. Although she hasn't been with us for a full two years yet, I would have to say she's a fairly well-established household member with an unusually high amount of documented...ahem, accomplishments. One of the most prolific Airedale owners, Teddy Roosevelt, was known to say that "The Airedale can do anything any other dog can do...." I think I'd have to add "and then some" to Mr. Roosevelt's statement.

Our first clue that Sophie was a canine of unusual habits was clearly evident on the day we met her. Her prime activity of the time was chasing Rod-Stewart looking chickens around the yard and eating duck poo. (I am no expert in chicken breeds, but trust me...these were bred to look exactly like Rod Stewart) Despite these rather fowl activities, her natural curiousity, sweet personality, and puppy-like cuteness melted our hearts and we took her home.

Chronologically speaking, here's a few examples

Snoozing peacefully while imprisoned in the conehead
Birthday card poster dog
Impromptu face-washer while I'm trying to get a self-portrait atop a massive oceanside rock.

Official perch inspector at Kalaloch Beach...Yup, this one's a keeper!
Under the boardwalk, down by the seaaa....with the doggie in da sand.

She bravely goes where no sane person goes...well, except maybe my husband.

Part 2 to come photo-resizing software is making me wanna growl and howl. So I think I will enlist Andrew's help and save the rest for another day....


Tania said...

awww she's such a sweetheart! I need her to rub a little off on Sammy....he's just so impossible!

Jen said...

I love the face washer picture!