Monday, February 04, 2008

it's not just your imagination

This evidence was captured at 0756 am from our humble condo porch. Daylight appears! Before leaving for work! No matter how dark, and dreary, and cold...the verdict is that spring is coming. (no thanks to Punxsutawney Phil)

A careful review of facts revealed that the sun actually rose at 0732, but to my limited and coffee-less morning senses it took a little longer to catch on.


Tania said...

I definitely don't miss those days when it's dark when you leave for work and get home. I did notice that when I went home for Christmas, the sun was noticeably lower in the sky than I'm used to. Join me down south! =P

Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

Ugh!! No picture of sunrise on the West Side. Just dark here! bah!

Jen said...

We've been enjoying morning light before work for the last month or helps to be a time zone ahead and a little further to the south!