Sunday, February 17, 2008

on the to-do list

1) Blog about yesterday's snowshoe hike up Granite Mountain
2) Put away laundry (it's already folded!)
3) Drop off ballot in the mail
4) Bug Andrew to fix or find me some better photo-resizing software so my photos don't come out huge and disoriented. Photo on the right is a case in point!
5) Pick a retirement account (can you hear me snoring yet?)
6) Read chapters on glacier travel and snow-climbing & camping, avalanche awareness in Freedom of the Hills
7) Bake some lemon bars--yummy!
8) Daydream about the warm waters of beautiful Hawaii
9) Take a walk outside with Andrew and Sophie once the frost burns off
10) Oops, reverted back to number 8 for a few seconds there...
11) Call the folks and a couple of girlfriends.
12) Find out if 40,000 points transfers into an airline ticket! I simply have to see Jen and oogle her little baby (nicknamed "puppy" for now) once it is born.


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

hahhahahah! I'm going to add #8 on my list.

Tania said...

Me too! I really think I was made to live in a warmer climate. Got that down....but no water!!! =(

Jen said...

Yum...lemon bars sound delicious! Hope your 40,000 transfers to a nicely scheduled roundtrip ticket. The Puppy is excited to see its auntie Rae. :)

Jaime said...

You take such beautiful photos! Lemon Bars!! YUM!