Thursday, February 28, 2008

that beloved old rag

I'll 'fess up to having worn a few clothing items well past their prime--faded jeans developing holes, sweaters with ragged sleeves...but nobody espouses this oddity better than my darling husband. Unlike myself, he doesn't seem able...(or perhaps willing?) to recognize the sorry state of said beloved garment.

Andrew has a tattered old blue shirt that is a funky old 70's style design which commemorates "Mud Bay"-- the place where his sailboat is moored. Yup, it's way the heck up there in White Rock, BC. Which explains why we haven't used the boat. Which maybe explains why he loves the shirt so much. Otherwise, I can never see my husband purchasing a baby blue shirt with kiddie-like drawings of sunshine and whales. Seriously. He's just not that kind of guy. I once bought him a baby blue shirt (almost exact same color) and I got an earful about my colour choice on that one. =)

But he does, however, adore this shirt. Even though he won't admit it, the frequency that he wears it tells no lies. And even though I've been pointing at the pit stains, pills, and thin spots that a frequently worn t-shirt inevitably falls prey to, he seems blind to it ALL.

But no more--the other nite I helped myself to one of Andrew's shirts to sleep in. And I'll let you guess which shirt it was.

Andrew: "Oh wow, those stains look really bad."
Me: "Yes, honey....I've tried to tell you."
Andrew: "I know but...I don't think it looks that way on me... I mean, maybe they're more noticeable because of your boobs...or something."
Me (stifling laughter): No, Andrew....I don't think so! This is what I've been trying to tell you."

So all you ladies out there with ragamuffin men in your know who you are...this could be the way to finally get your message across. Someone is going to be a bit in trouble for this post once he gets around to checking my blog again, but I truly believe this info must be shared. =)


Cheryl and Greg Morton said...

hahahahahha! This is a GREAT blog! I know how you feel. Greg had an old boxer and wouldn't throw it away. Imagine holes in boxers = very funny moments!

Jen said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the funny story! My problem w/ Joe is that he has shirts he never even wears, but wants to hang onto for sentimental reasons. C'mon, honey...we only have so much storage space!

Jaime said...

Oh man!! I've worn his shirts before but not the ratty ones, I'm trying this! ;)

Tania said...

omg!! That is hilarious! "No honey, it looks better on me than on you because you have boobs" Lucky for me, Jon isn't a very sentimental guy so I lack this problem.

Bree said...

Do you think mom ever tried this with Dad's old brown coat?? Maybe she should.... ;)

raecatherine said...

doubt this would have worked on dad..i believe that if he ever found that coat again, he'd continue to wear it, until the last patch wears away...