Thursday, March 27, 2008

almost sisters

This hairstylist knew her stuff. She walked up, thoughtfully listened to what I had to say, and said, "let's do this...." She didn't ask me which way I parted my hair. Anybody with a rudimentary knowledge of hair can clearly see I have a prominent cowlick that basically prevents me from having bangs or evenly parted hair. If you deal with hair on a daily basis, and you ask me 'which way I part my hair'--honey, you're in the wrooong business and I'm not coming back.

I was brave enough to have my hair short recently--or at least short for me. With all my quirks (prominent cowlick, hair that won't part down the middle, hair that doesn't hold a curl, and a hair-owner that isn't committed to styling much) I managed to come out of it with a decent, manageable hair style. No more wash-n-wear for me.

Despite the nasty weather on Sunday, I had a relaxing Easter with the family at my sister's cute little suite in Bonney Lake. Even got to do the meet-n-grill of the new man in her life. Ok, so I was actually pretty nice. I think Dad did most of the grilling--that's how it goes.

I brought my new *camera*--a Nikon D-40, an almost- professional and a *huge* step up from a point-n-shoot. Mom immediately had to try it out and take pictures of her favorite subjects: her two daughters, of course. Most of the pictures Bree looked great, but I had a funny expression either due to helping direct -"No, that button!" or hoping that it wasn't somehow going to get mangled in the process. =)

I realized that we have (almost) the exact same haircut. And we still don't look *that* much like sisters. To date, I've shown this picture to several folks who have never met my sister, and they say..."Oh she's cute....who is she? Oh really, don't look alike at all, do you?".

Well, I guess this is as good as it's gonna get!


Jen said...

No, you guys don't look too much alike. Your new haircut is cute, though!

Jaime said...

I can see that you two are sisters. I think it's the complexions that throw you off initially.

I love the haircut! ;) I love short hair myself. I think I'm about to hack all of mine off finally.

Tania said...

This is such a cute picture! And I love the cut!

Lawfrog said...

What are those people talking about? You two definitely look like sisters! Love the haircut.