Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Get out your blues

Tomorrow this rebel is breaking dress code by breaking out the blue jeans...all for the lesser known fanfare of colorectal cancer awareness day. Yup, you guessed it--I'll be donned in blue for Colorectal Cancer Awareness day, March 12th.

Nurse Rae's Top Ten Reasons why you should care

1) It's one of the most treatable forms of cancer if found early.
2) Unlike some prominent cancers which can be difficult to diagnose and don't have screening tools, there's a form of screening to reduce your risk--For average risk folks, simple screening (colonoscopy) every 10 years beginning at age 50.
3) If you're jaded by other cancer awareness 'promotionals'....ponder this: Instead of promoting useless loads of pink crap that barely turn a profit to the actual cause they portend to aide, colon cancer awareness groups sell useful items--like toilet paper.
4) Colonoscopies can save lives. Read my friend's nurse practitioner Jen's recent patient story here.
5) Put out the butts, people. Smokers are 40% more likely to succumb to this disease.
6) Another reason to pat yourself on the back when you exercise, eat lotsa veggies and maintain a healthy weight--you're reducing your risk!
7) It ain't just for old folks--this can happen at any age, and 9 out of 10 ARE older than 50. But it can affects us young twenty-somethings too--particularly if there's preexisting bowel problems or a familial history.
8) It's the second leading cause of cancer death (right after lung cancer). You probably don't hear about it as often as some of the others...because like your grandmother might have told you, "rectal" and "colon" are improper conversation topics for a young lady.
9) The NCI spending for other cancers that are not as prevalent as colon cancer (such as breast and prostrate) has generally been significantly MORE. For example, in 2004 breast garnered $584 million and prostrate $323 mil, compared to colorectal's $276.4 mil.
10) Colon cancer survivors can be downright sexy, as this calendar model and real-life survivor emulates. But with all due respect...I'll take a once every decade date with Golytely (colonoscopy) over a date with a surgeon any day.

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Jen said...

The colon preps keep getting better and better (have you heard of Osmoprep) and colonoscopy is getting more comfortable, so why not have it done?? :)